Thursday, February 25, 2010

Obedience School

R'wick had his first class tonight at the Oakland Dog Training Club. It was a great success. I am so proud of him that he didn't bite a single dog. He and this german shepherd dog really hit it off, we think. We also ran through some agility lessons and he did really well. Most of the dogs there were 4 months old. He was one of the youngest there, and one of the most excited. He just wanted to meet everyone.


R'wick the Wonder Dog


We got a dog. Can you tell? Yes, it's been quite a while since I wrote on here, but life has been quite interesting, so much so that, to share it here would violate some confidences.

However, I can share that we got a dog. A husky to be specific. Why? Call it a whim, but man, has this whim paid off!

Meet R'wick. See the picture of him on the blue cushion? That's him at seven weeks when we first got him. He had old soul eyes from the start - sad eyes, but knowing eyes. The picture on the right? That's him playing in some lily pads. Yes, our boy is becoming a redhead and being crazy just like all the redheads I've ever had the pleasure to meet.

He's got an arrow on his tail as if to say "That's where I was"and he's starting to get a red strip down his spine. We had thought he'd be a gray dog but alas, nature has a sense of humor, y'know. AND, the great/bad thing? He's getting a ring around his eyes which makes for a raccoon-eyed siberian husky. Why is it great? Because it's unusual markings. Why is it bad? A walk takes twice as long because nearly everyone stops to comment on the rings around his eyes.

It was just like being around a toddler with naturally curly frizzy hair. Everyone stops to comment on it. Yes, I lived through that too.

Anyway, glad to be back and be on the lookout for exciting changes to We'll be adding temporary tattoos, sketches, and a ton of stuff.


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