Friday, January 30, 2009

Setting Down Limits

Last week, we helped out Lady Embalmer with babysitting chores as she took in six neighborhood kids. Since Art Teach's two were included in the mix, and we had already established a bit of relationship with the other four kids, we just thought four other adult hands would make the day just a tad better.

We watched with amusement when the kids, ranging in age between 2 and 5, asked permission to go upstairs. Lady Embalmer rattles off a litany of don'ts - "No kicking, no biting, no taking each other's toys, no hitting, no pinching..."

It appears adults are no better, are they? All those lessons about "Hey, don't take more than your share," or "Don't rob," apparently just doesn't take with some adults, as evidenced by these chief executives of companies who ask the U.S. taxpayers to bail them out.

Here, Senator Claire McCaskill is putting forth a sensible bill. If you are going to ask the U.S. taxpayer to bail you out, at least have the decency to not make more than the POTUS (President of the United States). But since they've pretty much shown themselves to be an indecent lot, Sen. McCaskill is putting this decency into law.

AFTER you pay back the money, you can do whatever the hell you want. Pay yourself 18 quadrillion dollars if you need to, but if you ask for bailout money again...


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Redistributing of Wealth

I had dinner with a friend just before the elections. I never saw my friend as a Republican or conservative, but I saw her husband as fairly conservative and Republican.

Somehow, the subject of Obama came up and my friend just repeating to me, "Is it true that he said that he wants to 'redistribute the wealth'?"

I just kept blinking at her stupidly all the while thinking, 'First off, the wealthy he is talking about would NEVER influence you because none of my peers would ever be in that group of super-rich, not even my good friends who live in Atherton. Secondly, there are TONS of other problems other than wealth/taxes.'

None of these thoughts crossed my lips, because my brain just could not comprehend that my friend was getting angry over the POSSIBILITY (hardly probable in this case but she couldn't see that) that her taxes might get influenced.

For me, considering that the super-rich has gotten super-duper rich over the past 30-40 years and minimum wage earners have gotten GRUDGING raises... it's only fair that the winds should blow in the other direction for a while.

But my friend has little knowledge of how government works - all she heard is 'Redistributing of wealth' and that Obama's threatening to take away her money.

I wonder how she and her husband feels today.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Interesting Exchange

The following is a transcript in an AIM exchange between a friend who is white, lives in NC and has a hippie mom and a very very republican Dad - about the Inauguration

Me(10:48:38 AM): I can barely focus today... woke up happy and didn't know why since I had to work. Then remembered!

Friend (10:48:39 AM): I am getting my permit to carry a concealed weapon and we are making survival kits

Me(10:48:48 AM): You serious?

Friend (10:49:00 AM): Flash lights, Ammo, Canned foods, water, Skittles

Friend (10:49:04 AM): all the necessities

Me (10:49:07 AM): lol yeah

Me (10:49:15 AM): well, I feel like I can unpack mine

Friend (10:49:24 AM): hahahahaha well hand it over!

Me (10:49:27 AM): rofl

Obama's magic is starting - I'm able to laugh with a semi-conservative about survival.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Time Wastin'

So, I've been reading Andrew Sullivan's site (shhhh don't tell people I'm actually reading a conservative albeit gay albeit who voted for Obama) and he leads me to this site today. It's call Pretty Loaded and well, it's a seamless panoply of loading animations.

You know, the animations that happen when your program/video file/website is loading?

My first thought before entering the site: "How good can this be?" Other thoughts of endless circles of death persisted.

And then the first animation happened and I thought, "Cool!" and before I even knew it was over the second one started, then the third one...

Five minutes of my life. Gone. Poof. Just like that.



Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cementing My Geek Street Cred

The fact that I actually laughed out loud at this, really cements my geek street cred, doesn't it?

FYI, I showed my boss the above picture and zip, nada, nothing. Meant absolutely nothing to him.

I've been neglecting posting up here because well, I find little links and post them on the facebook page and since I have a feed coming from here to there, I don't double-post. But today, I turned off that feed. So, anything that's posted here don't necessarily get posted on the Facebook. Which is good I think. It'll make me want to post here more often.

Anyway, I'm back and will be posting a lot more.


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