Friday, October 22, 2010

Reason Jason Campbell Sucked...

... After the first two drives of the Raiders/49'ers

Hue Jackson drew up plays for the first 30 plays or so. The first drive used up 13 plays. The second drive used up 12 plays. Jason Campbell look completely lost after the first row drives. What does this tell me? Jason Campbell is a stage actor not an improv actor. He only does well when he has memorized his lines and if the opposing team follows the scripted as written by Hue Jackson.

Problem is, how many teams will follow that script?


Sinus Mucus Chunks

It's been a really long time since I've written. Life has a way of getting away from me and this past year, life zoomed away with me along for the ride. R'wick is now nearly a year old and big, and Bratworse and I just love him to bits.

This morning, as I struggled with my sinus infection/cold, I blew out what was a fairly solid chunk of mucus. It was fascinating to me how 1) big it was; 2) how technicolored it was - mostly white with yellow and red marbled in; and 3) how not liquid it was. It was more like a gelatinous cube.

I should've taken a photo but I know Bratworse would be much grossed out by this. Next time I blow out a sizable chunk, I'll document it.

Anyway, I just had to share. Aren't you glad that this is the first post after so many months of silence?


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