Tuesday, May 20, 2008

R.I.P. Rory Root

The following is what I wrote on one of his obits:

Alex Amado called me up last night with the sad news. Rory, there was so much to thank you for, I only hope the many times I walked into your store and walked out buying $200-300 worth of graphic novels helped. You were indeed a force of nature around for comics and you will be missed, even from ex-comics pros. Many were the days of tough, energy-sapping days at conventions, only to walk out for a cigarette and see you on the sidewalk with your mug of coffee and a grin on your face. My walk would speed up as you raised your hand in a gesture of greeting, even as you continued your conversations with three or four people standing around you. I knew around you, there were always interesting conversations AND somehow, by the end of my cigarette, I would feel revitalized and ready to face the masses again. Thank you, Rory.

A personal story. I had an alcoholic GF at the time but I wouldn't face it. She'd be at home drinking a 12 pack every day as I worked and finally I screamed at her to get a job. She didn't, and so I called up Rory to see if he had a job available. It turned out that he had a P/T book-keeping job so he gave it to my alcoholic gf. Within a month, she lost the job. Rory kept wanting to apologize for that, but I kept apologizing to him for inflicting him with my problem.

Rory, you were a great man. My ex-gf didn't deserve you as a boss. And it is because of you and your poker parties that I met Alex. I owe you so much, Rory.

Rest in peace because you, Rory Root, the man whose name Scooby Doo would have no problem pronouncing, DID make a huge difference in the world.

FYI, the first time I had heard of Ariel Shrag was due to Rory Root. He came up to me with her self-published comic and said "Read it, she's going to go far." Rory, you were right. I saw her name on "The L Word" as a writer.

*photo grabbed from Comic Relief website. Go there if you want to post memories.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Going to the Chapel and We're....

California Supreme Court says that gay marriages aren't unconstitutional. So now our civil union ceremony next year will become a wedding ceremony.

Bratworse, will you marry me?

That sounds SOOOOO MUCH better than -

Bratworse, will you become my domestic partner?


Good Use of Money

So, what's a good way to piss away money? Spending money on useless revenge tactics. It's been very amusing to experience and laugh about every morning when I wake up refreshed.

Thank you whoever you are. You've been an endless source of free entertainment for me the last two weeks. I really do hope you keep this up all year. The U.S. economy needs more fools like you to spend frivolous money to help bolster its failing economy. As P.T. Barnum once famously said, "There's one born every minute."


Thursday, May 01, 2008

Frustrations... Is It Real???


That's a line from an Oingo Boingo song... and as I sit here trying to keep my temper from flaring and trying to keep me from flinging the damn laptop across the office.

Boss-man wants me to set up the email and it's getting imperative since we're at 90% of disk space available... But asking me to take care of something so frustrating is not a wise move right now. Now when my emotions are constantly on razor's edge.

Now I find out I need his login. Argh.


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