Friday, October 19, 2007

New Beginnings

I know it's been quiet around here the last few months, but honestly, there's been a lot to absorb in my world.

It almost seemed like there was a clear demarkation the day I left my last job. Here's what happened. I left my job on a Thursday, and on Friday, I interviewed for a job that I'm now working for, and on that Friday as well, Bratworse was given a completely clean bill of health.

It almost seemed like, I basically had to endure working at the job I was at, the past three years, so that the results of the flooding from last year would have a positive result (despite some shirking of responsibilities from responsible parties) AND Bratworse's health problems were taken care of. Everything seems so shiny and new at this point.

My new boss, the poor guy. We're in the middle of a move and he's having employee turnover and it's the heavy season for him. I'm still unsure about the position, but every day the position fits a little better. One thing for sure, my Chinese is going to improve tons.

Gettiing older has its advantages. Things that I would've accepted as part of the parcel, I now speak up about. Hopefully, this will make me a better manager.

I'm feeling good about the future. Whether or not that future includes an XBO 360, and a 50" tv, remains to be seen. Bratworse is hard at work, trying to convince me this will be a great thing. The dang thing is, she friggin' found a 50" tv for less than what we paid for one new computer. I'm having a hard time justifying saying no to a TV when I so readily said yes to new computers. But that's the big advantage of being a DINK, isn't it. Wondering what foolish purchase you'll buy next.


Into the Lead

So far none of the democratic candidates have leapt to the forefront for me, but today, Chris Dodd just did. He's decided to filibuster the FISA bill due to the poison pill amendment that the Republicans have put in. You know, the amendment that basically says that IF the telecoms companies (and that's no if, there's already proof they have) broke the law in the past three years, they basically can get away scott free, yeah, that one.

Well, I've been leaning towards him for a little while now and with this, it's definite. Sorry Hillary. If you had been the one to take the lead on this, I'd been so happy to leap behind you in support.

Thanks for being brave, Senator Dodd.


Saturday, October 06, 2007

Interesting Phenomenon

Over the past weekend, I visited my family. Both my aging mother and my aging uncle (through marriage) said vehemently, "That woman" in reference to Hillary Clinton, and both said it without prompting.

It appears that Hillary brings out the hatred in conservatives - both of them qualify for that title. My uncle Wayne, a survivor of two sinkings in WWII, is a staunch republican, and my mother is somebody whom I'm very very glad, doesn't vote.

I'm pretty sure that my mother hates Hillary for reasons totally unpolitical. This is a woman, whose husband was cheating, but she seems to have gotten him back in line. That's just something my mother cannot forgive, for she was unable to do it herself. But Uncle Wayne? Part of the reason for his utterance was to provoke a response from me, and because I had been warned by my mother not to participate, I just ignored it.

Just what is it about Hillary, that brings out the rawr in these old souls? I really wonder.


Think Our Government Supports the Troops?

Then explain this.

In short, the Minnesota National Guard was brought back from Iraq after 729 days. Why the odd number? Why, gee, after 730 days in Iraq, the Guardsmen would've qualified for higher education under the G.I. Bill.

Now, they don't qualify. Coincidence? You be the judge.

Oh yes. Wearing a flag lapel and having bumper stickers on your car show support. If only these poor Guardsmen could turn those bumper stickers and lapels into cash for education.



Friday, October 05, 2007



It's kind of sad, watching the ruins of a business trying to pick itself back up from being neglected. I hear the blame is falling on some who are leaving and have left. But honestly, how can anyone expect someone else to treat the business as if their own? Especially when the ones in charge are missing? And the ones below aren't being compensated enough?

This new company I'm joining - three weeks paid leave a year, from first year on. Now that's making sure your employees know they're valued.


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