Friday, March 31, 2006

Singing to Get Off

So we got an obscene call the other day. Person called back after I said, "*@!% off" and hung up. Well, I let the answering machine get it - now please understand that to help me never to forget a friend who had died, I sing an obnoxious song and our current message is sung to the tune of "Darling Clementine".

Well apparently, our obscene caller was fairly desperate to be heard, so he sang into our answering machine. I am SOOOOOO sorry I didn't keep a copy for you to listen to - I mean, this guy literally had to sing to get his rocks off.

The other thing I'm truly sorry for? That inspiration didn't hit me during, and that I didn't pick up the phone mid-song and ask, "So! Do you have to sing for your supper too? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"



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