Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lost Judas Gospel in National Geographic

I am having WAAAAAY too much fun reading the forums for this article.

1) I am a former christian, who finally had it with the inconsistencies;
2) I am also a self-taught scholar of the Gospel times, choosing to focus on the area communities, that is the Romans and the Jews; and
3) I understand the mindsets of the two communities clashing on the boards only too well.

Let me explain. In a short time, National Geographic will publish an article giving what translation they could get from 1,000 pieces of parchment which had originally contained the Gospel of Judas. This will contain the head-exploding tidbits of details like Judas actually had the blessing of Jesus. (Which, honestly speaking, was hinted at when in the Gospel of John, that Jesus told Judas something like, go do what you have to do and THIS was one of the inconsistencies I couldn't deal with)

Because of the three facts above, I scurried over to the forums as soon as I realized there were forums, and delved into my first one. I am having a HOOT!

In one corner, we have the people whose world-view would somehow collapse if anyone ever had a dissenting thought. We call them fanatics. We call one of them George Bush but I digress.

In another corner, we have the ones who research everything (I happen to fall into this group). We call them the logicians. Or the faithless.

In yet another corner, we have the people who are feelers. They're the ones who have no research to back them up, but they *could* see where this gospel came from because they'd always felt in their heart of hearts, no one could betray the Good Master. Of course it had to be consentual! Feel gooders.

On the third page, I noticed a back corner... the pick-upers. The women seemed to put their first names, the men included an authentic looking email. By the fourth page, I was falling over laughing realizing I had stumbled upon the virtual equivalent of the "going to church to find me a date."

BTW, I work with a bunch of white guys. Out of the ones who've come and gone, about 30% told me they went to church to meet a prospective bride and after they got married they stopped going to church. About 30% still went to church and the other 40% hasn't said anything. Makes you wonder, eh?

Anyway, hope you enjoy the fireworks as much as I do. Me? I still subscribe to my personal theory that Jesus didn't get resurrected at the cross, that Satan did and showed himself to the disciples at the tomb. All he had to do was show up a few more times (if you believe Acts) and the snowball got rolling. Bet I'll get flamed for that one.

And yes yes, I know I'm going to hell. Wasn't it predetermined from you guys that I was unsavable unless I give up sex? Since it's predetermined anyway, why shouldn't I just screw up more? See, this was another illogical point that couldn't be resolved. The inability to count days was another. HOW is there 3 days between Good Friday and Easter?

One day I'll write about the inconsistencies and illogic of the Christian belief/Bible.

OH! That reminds me, that was ANOTHER thing I was having fun with. See, most logicians don't come from a faith background. Therefore, to them, because Catholics are the biggest sect, they reference "the church" or "the pope" as if it applies to all Christians. But the truth is, Christianity is as diverse today as it was back during the days of the Gnostics. And most Americans aren't Catholic even if they might be the majority group. The Protestants as a whole outnumber the Catholics. That's more people not believing in papal power than believing. Therefore by referencing the Catholic Church, your post automatically gets put into the "bunk" pile.

Double OH! Yet another thing I was having fun with was seeing the Mormon Church get slapped around. To a mainstream protestant (from Lutheran to Methodist to Catholics to Baptists), the Mormon Church is akin to devil worship. Nevermind that it's the richest church in America AND it's among the fastest growing.

Anyway, can you tell I'm THOROUGHLY enjoying this? Taa! Back to reading the forum for me.



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