Saturday, October 06, 2007

Interesting Phenomenon

Over the past weekend, I visited my family. Both my aging mother and my aging uncle (through marriage) said vehemently, "That woman" in reference to Hillary Clinton, and both said it without prompting.

It appears that Hillary brings out the hatred in conservatives - both of them qualify for that title. My uncle Wayne, a survivor of two sinkings in WWII, is a staunch republican, and my mother is somebody whom I'm very very glad, doesn't vote.

I'm pretty sure that my mother hates Hillary for reasons totally unpolitical. This is a woman, whose husband was cheating, but she seems to have gotten him back in line. That's just something my mother cannot forgive, for she was unable to do it herself. But Uncle Wayne? Part of the reason for his utterance was to provoke a response from me, and because I had been warned by my mother not to participate, I just ignored it.

Just what is it about Hillary, that brings out the rawr in these old souls? I really wonder.



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