Tuesday, May 20, 2008

R.I.P. Rory Root

The following is what I wrote on one of his obits:

Alex Amado called me up last night with the sad news. Rory, there was so much to thank you for, I only hope the many times I walked into your store and walked out buying $200-300 worth of graphic novels helped. You were indeed a force of nature around for comics and you will be missed, even from ex-comics pros. Many were the days of tough, energy-sapping days at conventions, only to walk out for a cigarette and see you on the sidewalk with your mug of coffee and a grin on your face. My walk would speed up as you raised your hand in a gesture of greeting, even as you continued your conversations with three or four people standing around you. I knew around you, there were always interesting conversations AND somehow, by the end of my cigarette, I would feel revitalized and ready to face the masses again. Thank you, Rory.

A personal story. I had an alcoholic GF at the time but I wouldn't face it. She'd be at home drinking a 12 pack every day as I worked and finally I screamed at her to get a job. She didn't, and so I called up Rory to see if he had a job available. It turned out that he had a P/T book-keeping job so he gave it to my alcoholic gf. Within a month, she lost the job. Rory kept wanting to apologize for that, but I kept apologizing to him for inflicting him with my problem.

Rory, you were a great man. My ex-gf didn't deserve you as a boss. And it is because of you and your poker parties that I met Alex. I owe you so much, Rory.

Rest in peace because you, Rory Root, the man whose name Scooby Doo would have no problem pronouncing, DID make a huge difference in the world.

FYI, the first time I had heard of Ariel Shrag was due to Rory Root. He came up to me with her self-published comic and said "Read it, she's going to go far." Rory, you were right. I saw her name on "The L Word" as a writer.

*photo grabbed from Comic Relief website. Go there if you want to post memories.



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