Thursday, May 21, 2009

Selling a Sofa

Look at me, aren't I spiffy-looking? I'm a three-seater, reclining sofa and I've been in this home for about 6 months. Before that I lived in a warehouse. This couple that allows me to live in their living room is nice to me, but I'm looking for people who can keep me warm better. My current owners are rather small to me and they don't cover up much of me when they're sitting or lying on top of me.

I'm house-trained AND I clean up really well when there are spills on me. Not only that, but I come in three parts so you will have an easier time moving me from my present location to my future one.

I'm looking for a house that has a good tv in front of it, cause I really like to kick back, you know (see 2nd picture)? Won't you come and take me off this nice couple's hands?

I've heard that they'll even listen to an offer lower than $500. Try them! They're between the Grand Lake Theatre and Piedmont Ave, just off the fwy. See how easy and convenient it is? (Oh, the email is theirs, not mine. I have a hard time typing.)

keywords: sofa, couch, lounge, recliner, recline, ottoman, oakland, inexpensive, cheap, good buy, leather, comfortable, soft, divan, grand lake, piedmont, comfy, 420, 42.

(This is an ad I just put up on Craigslist. Think the sofa will sell?)



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