Friday, July 03, 2009

Poem - Insane and Wired

I want to thrive on the electricity of my muscles' anxiety

I wanna feel the sharp tongue of the ocean's lap 

I wanna practice immunity to gravity

I wanna live in the creativity of two minds 

You can see, when I'm dancing with the wind, that I'm not that planted

In that unstable way an animal encounters human, I'm in a dream

being kept alive by the finest string, continually rubbed bare

The one they finger for entertainment

Shall I light the fire that turns you on and turns you up

I'm easy, been craving you... you with the advantage

There's no resistance left when you put that smile on my lips

I'm seduced, pleased by the playful hold tickling my brain

Tuned to you, my mind is powerless, there's nothing we can do

Chemicals, cells and receptors aided and abetted

as, my senses distracted, allowed happiness to paint the village red

What's a gal to do? It's easy to get addicted to you



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