Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Being An Autodidact

The first time I was called an autodidact, I was insulted.

Then I looked the word up, as any self-respecting autodidact does. And realized the person calling me that, nailed me.

This link (*warning - the link contains all sorts of outlandish moronic assumptions) should explain why I, the autodidact of my family, chose to leave the church and strike out on my own.

I remember being asked once in church, describe God. So I replied, "He's God." To me, the idea of defining the unknowable, the all-powerful, the all-seeing, was rather presumptious of humans. Well, the collective gasp that went through the church as they took turns in telling me, God is good, God is merciful, etc ad nauseum showed me exactly how puny their faith actually was. Why the hell would you want to put God in a box?

Science lets us know that we are part of a whole, not that we are above the whole. Religion on the other hand, tells us we are above the whole. Now that's audacity.



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