Thursday, November 03, 2005

Giving Credit (or rather Non-Credit) Where It's Due

I know I bitch about Howie Kurtz. There ARE times when his writing just seems so... one-sidedly snide. (yeah, I know the word one-sidedly doesn't exist. But technically, neither does n00b)

However, today I must give credit where it's due... to Howard Kurtz for NOT giving credit where it's due.

In talking about a WH administrator who is criticizing the media, Kurtz says:
Um, a special prosecutor brings an indictment against the vice president's top aide and that's not a big story? Two thousand Americans die in Iraq and that's not a story? And the Miers nomination, of course, was done in by the conservative punditocracy. This doesn't strike me as a serious critique that an administration official would put his name to. Oh right, he didn't.

Kudos, Mr. Kurtz.



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