Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Playing to Win

Once, I was watching Mythbusters when Adam and Jamie had to shoot each other with air rifles for some reason. The deal was, after each shot, they inched closer until one of them cried "Uncle."

Adam's the doofus and he's the one everyone likes. Jamie... on the other hand, is very cold and methodical. Guess who won?

Jamie had the great (and not very nice) idea of shooting Adam in the same spot over and over again, and if you've ever been hit in the same place a few times, you know that the tenderness multiplies with each subsequent hit.

Needless to say, Jamie had Adam crying "Uncle" before Jamie even got a tear in his eye from the pain he received.

Why do I bring this up?

The administration and the Democratic Congress. THAT'S WHY!

Grrrrrrr! The administration is like Jamie, shooting in the same spot over and over gain. And the democratic congress gets one pulled over them. And in this case, who loses? The American Public.

Gee thanks, Congress. We really have to make sure those assholes don't get near power again, don't we, since you guys can't be trusted to stand up to them. I'm so disgusted!



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