Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bein' Neighborly

Yesterday, there was a knocking on our front door. Bratworse looks at me and says, "That doesn't sound like the Manager's knock, wonder who it is." She looked a bit hesitant to answer the door because we have one rather rude neighbor who allowed her offspring to, well... it wasn't neighborly, let's just say.

So I got up and as I walked to the door, I queried, "Who is it?"

A muffled voice came thrrough the door. "It's your neighbor who parks right across from you!"


I opened the door to see my silver-haired wonderful neighbor who chats with us all the time. "Hi!" he said, with his arms full of lightbulbs. "I'm getting rid of these and thought you guys might be able to use them." I saw that they were the special type of bulbs that go into our bathroom light fixtures.

"Yes!" I said, beaming at him. "I always forget to buy those and so we have tons of them that have blown." He smiled knowingly and said "I just changed over to flourescents and thought that might be the case with you two." He then waved and went on his way.

Damn I have some really great neighbors. Have I said how much I love living in Oakland?



1 Response to "Bein' Neighborly"
  1. Your "rude" neighbor said...
    3:52 PM

    You think your comments about me don't have an affect on my child??? Truly, you don't get. You didn't get with the insurance company and you don't get it now.


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