Sunday, November 11, 2007


Went down to stay at my best friend's house this weekend and was talking to his boyfriend about politics.

When I mentioned I was leaning more and more towards Chris Dodd, he said he answered a quiz online to see which of the candidates best matched his views, it was Chris Dodd. However, we both agreed that it was looking more and more like Hillary may be it.

He then said American politics is such that the front-runners get punished for saying or doing the "right things" or suggesting change which is why Hillary's campaign has been oh so careful.

All I know is, Americans want stability again. These past 6-7 years have been an exercise in instability (from oil prices, to Katrina, to budget deficits, to a weak dollar) and they know they knew it when a Clinton was in office.

Part of me wants Hillary. The other part knows that with her, it's going to be a game of calculations, instead of doing just what's right. She learned her lesson well with the universal healthcare package.



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