Sunday, January 27, 2008

Magic Trees

Last night, we had Lone Wolf over for dinner for her birthday and among the many surprises we had in store for her, one of them is these cool cool crystal trees!

The cardboard has been sprinkled with crystal growing stuff. You then pour packets of pre-mixed liquids into channels the carboards are stuck in, and the cardboard slowly soaks up the liquid and forms these pretty crystals into a pre-made scenery for you.

It's great fun watching the crystals appear and so far, I've not found a SINGLE age-bracket that hasn't enjoyed this simple project.

Here's a link to Amazon for this.

Cheap fun! The best of its kind.

By the way, you can see from the picture above that our magic garden set isn't fully develop. It should take another 12 hours before we get the full vista I think.



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