Thursday, February 07, 2008

Getting a License

So, I'm in school this week to get a license from the State of California to sell life and health insurance. Part of my new job, y'see. No, I'm not going to be selling life insurance, I'm just working for a broker who specializes in health so I need a license to do part of my job.

These types of schools are interesting. Our instructor is a wannabe standup comedian and it's perfect for him; he's got a captive audience for 6 days.

The interesting thing about this class is how much they DON'T talk about the catches. I mean, life insurance is a good investment IF you are of a certain personality type (something like Bratworse or my sister) who has never missed a payment in their lives if they can help it. But the majority of people out there aren't like them and y'know, shit happens. All you have to do to lose years of investment in life insurance is, miss more than a month's payment.

That's it.

How easy is that to do, huh? Think about it. It's near due date and the one you love gets into an auto accident... or there's a wedding soon in your family. Things get hectic and whoops, it's been 32 days since your payment was due. Sorry, you just lost 15 years of paying $50 a month.

But one part of the insurance business has caught my eye. If I had tons of money, I think I would go into buying out people's life insurance. Supposedly, that's how Warren Buffet got his start. Ah, if only I was enamored of money.



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