Friday, June 13, 2008

Wedding Plans

We are decided.

(Love that song... well love every song in Jesus Christ Superstar).

On July 11, Bratworse and I will be officially tying the knot. Next year, the date will fall on a Saturday and that's when we will have the ceremony.

None of our friends and family know. We're not exactly keeping it a secret (well how can it be a secret when it's up here for the world to see) but we're not really announcing it either.

So, Sugarmeesweettt, consider yourself told. :) You're probably the first of family/friends type to find out since you read this site.



4 Responses to "Wedding Plans"
  1. Anonymous said...
    7:08 PM

    next year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you two sigh ... fine .. i want you to do it this year and then you can have your big year .. yes i want to see my kid in wedding formal attire gown YES cause I never had one .. and yes I am happy but at same time i want you to do the short wedding this year. I will work on you both and perhaps you will see my way if I harass you enuf just maybe you will.. Love you both so much..

  2. Anonymous said...
    12:23 PM

    okay i rethought my concerns about you 2 having a ceremony.. Fine I cant live my life vicarously through my daughter. Her achievements are her own and well I understand all this. So, I will not harrass you 2 bout your plans anymore.

  3. resigned idealist said...
    10:17 AM

    Sugarmeesweettt, neither Bratworse nor I understand why you're upset. We ARE getting married 7/11. And we're having a ceremony next year. Guess it's not good enough.

  4. Anonymous said...
    12:09 PM

    I just overly misunderstood the issue all I read was next year sorry. But did you hear about the Honda fcx ?


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