Thursday, September 25, 2008

Asthma Conditions

This week, I attended a clinic for Asthmatics. I'm really glad I did. I was given slightly stronger medicines, and hope.

The doctor, literally a giant of a man (he's 6'8") told me that not enough research has been done, but that he's seen worse cases than mine recover to near normal levels.

So far, the medicine I'm on seems to be working better. I'm finally sleeping through the night (as is Bratworse, an innocent victim) and being able to breathe when I wake. I am so full of chemicals though, that it's kind of hard to distinguish what's really happening to my body as a result of natural causes or these new chemicals coursing through my body.

I am on a nasal spray to prevent post-nasal drip. I am on a steroid powder inhaler to prevent inflammation of my bronchial tubes. I am on an emergency inhaler to relax the big muscle around my bronchial tubes. Also on anti-biotics for an infection that seems to give me sporatic fevers. I WAS on prednisone earlier, but that's tapered off.

I cannot wait to be off all these medications.



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