Friday, March 13, 2009

Myth #3

Why Takla Became Quiyus
or How Humans came About

Chapter One

The Goddha of Nothing, Something and Other, Takla looked around Itself and beheld Its creations before It, revelling in the sight, the joy, the sheer chaos that greeted Its being. But It sensed the chaos might undo all that It beheld and felt Itself begin to transform.

Reaching out with Its being, It left a bit of Itself inside Everything - all of the Somethings that existed and then It became Nothing itself. Takla was no more. It gave everything It had to Its creations and so, transformed Itself from the Godda of Nothing, Something and Other, into an Other Goddha.

Takla metamorphosized into Quiyus, the Goddha of Creation, Destruction & Maintenance.

Quiyus was indeed Other, for though the concept of three resided within Its form, the form instead reflected a binary nature. Quiyus, like most of Takla's creations, had two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, two arms and two legs. Takla was tricky for It hid that nature of three within solo items - the heart, the mouth and the brain of Quiyus.

Quiyus was in awe of Its now gone predecessor. And to celebrate/honor Takla's existence, Quiyus made Its first creation - a reflection of what Quiyus looked like. Three things came of Quiyus' homage: Humans who lived on the Land, Angels/Demons who lived in the Air, and Merpeople who lived in the Water.

The transformation of Takla from Something into Nothing into Other was complete. It was now fully Quiyus, the Goddha of Creation, Destruction and Maintenance.

Chapter Two

Quiyus explored what It was, for all this was new to It. It seemed to have a body that existed within time yet with exertion followed by exhaustion, It could move outside of time. It looked at Its own creations, the humans, the angels and demons, and the merpeople and saw that like Takla, Quiyus' own creative powers could take on a life of their own.

Everywhere Quiyus looked, It could see evidence of Its own genius. In the Angels and Demons, It saw perfect servants who'll work for It without question. The MerPeople were Its proof of being able to create wild people and Humans were the confirmation that they could be the perfect counter-balance to all that could possibly go wrong.

Why, in fact, the final perfect touch would be to make Creation an automated action. With a great flourish of Its arms, Quiyus declared, "Let there be PRO-Creation!" And with that declation, all the creatures of the world turned to each other and began the dance of life.

Turning to Takla's creations, Quiyus added detail and nuance to each and every one of them. Absorbed in Its own creative abilities, It failed to realized that things were getting quickly out of Its control. Everything Takla had created were attracted to everything else, and out of these strange pairings, creatures like the platypus were popping out of eggs!

A braying startled Quiyus out of Its concenctration. A horse was eyeing a donkey and the donkey was backing away, braying. As Quiyus realized what forces It had released with the creation of procreation, It moved to action.

Quickly, Quiyus released Its Destructive nature and out of the Waters came hurricanes battering the creatures out of their ardor, and out of the Land came volcanoes spewing lava in hopes of separating coupled beings and out of the sky came lighning bolts that sparked apart pairings. But still, the fervor of all the various beings could not be dampened.

With a sigh and a turn of Its head to avoid looking at the future, Quiyus handed a human his first spear.



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