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Myth #5

Twin Paradox

Chapter One

From the second Quiyus felt the orgasmic thrust of Majaks, the Goddha of Land, Air and Water inside Quiyus' still-female form, It knew this union would have physical consequences. And though Quiyus, the Goddha of Creation, Destruction and Maintenance had reverted back to a genderless form, within days the result of the coupling between the first Goddhas of the world showed.

The progeny inside Quiyus took well to being created and grew rapidly within. Quiyus' form contorted and stretched as It accommodated the somewhat parasitic growth inside It.

It was at this time, Majaks, still reeling from the impact of Its own transformation from dead human male to Its present actuality, disappeared to experiment with what It had been tasked with to be the Goddha of - the Land, the Air and the Water. Quiyus at first felt sympathetic with Majaks' predicament for it must be hard on anyone's psyche, much less one who now could move mountains with a shift of Its whimsy.

After three months though, Quiyus' patience wore down to frayed strands as the pregnancy seemed to have taken an accelerated turn and enlarged exponentially rather than linearly. Majaks was nowhere to be found and moving about was incredibly hard for a Goddha of Quiyus' present bulk. It needed help, Goddhadamnit.

But weeks dragged on and became months and still, Majaks stayed away. Majaks, in Its defense, actually had no idea that Quiyus was with child; It had just stayed away because It had reached a point with Quiyus where the mere presence of Quiyus would set off nearby earthquakes, sandstorms and other ill nature. It merely thought the separation would be a good thing for the world.

Yet as time strode past, the separation did more harm than good, for Quiyus' temper was by now fully foul. And as Goddha of Destruction, there was much that Quiyus could do to transfer the anger. To mollify Its feelings of abandonment, It created swarms of locusts and infestations of viruses but alas, the destruction caused by their presence didn't alleviate Its loneliness. To help assuage Its loneliness, It tasked the Angels and Demons to obey only Goddhas but as they became mindless and soulless creatures, Quiyus found their presence more and more intolerable as they were only capable of parroting back instructions.

Where Quiyus was, the world was a desolate place. And where Majaks was, the world was a wondrous paradise.
Chapter Two

After a while, Majaks felt keenly the difference between being a Goddha, and being a mortal. Being a Goddha meant that though It could appreciate all that was happening around It, to be a part of it took energy - energy that was better off spent in the maintenance of Its domain rather than the participation of it.

The loneliness as well as the feeling of alienation weighed heavily on Majaks and finally, It could not withstand the pressure and sought out Quiyus' company, the only other being in the world who might fathom what it was like to be this Other being. To Its surprise, It heard its own name being cursed, carried on the winds when the distance between It and Quiyus diminished with each of Its step.

Why would Quiyus be cursing Majaks? The last time Majaks saw Quiyus, It had been asleep in the after-bliss of their union. What could've have changed so much that instead of yelling out professions of love, Quiyus would be wishing Majak disease and pain?

The answer greeted Majaks as soon as It stepped upon the Land that Quiyus lay recumbent on. The enormous strips of deadened Land all led to one beginning, like spokes in a wheel. Quiyus had made sure all surrounding knew of Its displeasure and waves of anger and hatred and disgust emanated from where Quiyus was.

"Oh, Quiyus!" Majaks exclaimed the moment It beheld the burgeoning form. Majaks ran to Quiyus' side and scooped the pregnant Goddha into Its arms all the while whispering, "Oh Quiyus, I had no idea. Can you ever forgive me for staying away so long."

At first Quiyus struggled against Majaks' embrace screaming, 'No, I hate you! You abandoned me.. Us!" But as Majaks tightened Its clutch with each accusation, Quiyus' voice lost more and more venom. The screams of anger and hatred became sobs of anguish, loss and finally forgiveness.

Their tight embrace shifted into one of passion, absolution and desire as the two Goddhas finally celebrated what would be their joint creation.

As the final months of the pregnancy passed, the look about Quiyus had changed so remarkably that the Land churned in creativity and produced strands of desert that looked like someone painted it, and nearby shallow oceans burst forth with coral reefs of every color and size. Even the Air partook in Quiyus' and Majaks' joy which resulted in the Aurora Borealis.
Chapter Three

The world during this time of Quiyus' and Majaks' honeymoon saw unprecedented growth and stunning diversity. Often the creations were one-of-a-kind, like the phoenix or the unicorn, but sometimes, like in the unicorn's case, it found a way to replicate itself, but that's a story for another time. Both things under Quiyus' care and Majaks' care found ways to express these Goddha's exquisite delight in each other, made so much stronger by the separation and subsequent longing.

Too soon did this idyllic moment pass for before long, Quiyus felt the first birth pangs. Even for a Goddha, giving birth to another that will be an equal is a painful process. As Quiyus gave into the pain and allowed Itself to be split open, Majaks peered through the opening and witnessed not one but two heads emerging. "Quiyus, brace yourself. There's double trouble."

Majaks reached in and helped ease the twins emergence from Quiyus. Quiyus, near faint from the effort, asked to hold the infants but Majaks seemed reluctant to hand them over. "Remember that our union was one that had tumultous times, my love."

"And what is that supposed to mean, Majaks? Hand me my children."

Quiyus both heard and felt a snip as the umbillical cord was severed and into Its outstretched arms, a heavy bundle settled. Opening Its eyes, the Goddha of Creation, Destruction and Maintenance gazed upon Its firstborns.

The twins were cojoined, but where it was cojoined was impossible to pinpoint, for the joint seemed to rove all over both the twins bodies. At first, the twins were joined at the head, then the back, then one was joined at the buttock to the other's side, and so on. Entranced, Quiyus stared so blatantly until one of the twins spoke up, "Hey, Ma. You gonna feed us or what?" The other giggled and laughed and poked Its twin saying, "Shhh, It's trying to get used to us."

The first twin jabbed a thumb over at Majaks and said to Its twin, "That one's no better. It's gawking too. Think we're ever gonna be fed?"

"Urkthak! Be patient and have a little trust. Sheesh, how're you going to ever be in control of peace, war or communication without patience or trust?"

"Bah, Mujenvi. You really make me hate you sometimes, you know? Why, I ought to..." And with that, Urkthak swung around so that It was connected to Its twin by the front of Its torso but Mujenvi swung deftly away laughing Mujenvi was now connected to Urkthak by Its foot. Urkthak swung Its fists helplessly at Mujenvi before breaking into tears and Mujenvi quickly moved back around to comfort Urkthak.

During then entire episode, both Majaks and Quiyus watched with mouths agape and then when Mujenvi embraced Urkthak, the feeling of love overcame the entire family and the parents wrapped their arms around the children, who loved them back.

As Mujenvi and Urkthak slept after they had fed, Quiyus looked at Majaks and said, "Well, I guess it's decided then. Mujenvi's the Goddha of Love, Hate and Desire. I'm sure it was Mujenvi who helped us overcome our fascination with them."

Majaks nodded and said, "Urkthat was born from that period of time when I had left. We will have to be careful with that one... Trust does not seem to come easy to that one. Mujenvi was wise to have seen that Urkthat is to be the Goddha of Peace, War and Communications."

As both of them went to sleep in each other's arms, the same thought went through each others' heads. What does it mean that Love, Hate and Desire is tethered to Peace, War and Communication?



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