Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Sim City 4

We're spending waaaaaay too much on games. But here's my latest acquisition: Sim City 4 for the Mac. I owned the original Sim City, then got into The Sims and never looked back. This weekend, I thought, hmm since Bratworse is going away for a week, how will I keep out of trouble? I know! Get Sim City 4!

Okay, aside here. I just have to say, that one of the BIGGEST PET PEEVES I have, is being ignored in the Mac section of CompUSA. Is it cause I'm a girl? Is it cause I'm standing in the Mac section? I saw TWO employees helping out ONE person and neither employee would look my way.

Anyway, back to Sim City 4. I'd forgotten how much fun it was to zone some land, then wait and watch Sims move in, upgrade the housing, and zip around a city I zoned. And yes, it TOTALLY qualifies as a stoner game.



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