Friday, December 30, 2005

Fishing & Gambling - that same feeling

Often when I go fishing, I will see fish jumping around the boat, but do I get one on my hook? Nooooooo.

So, what happened at Vegas? Bratworse and I sit down at one of the old-fashioned nickel slots (they took a maximum of 3 coins. Ask anyone who's been to a casino recently, how likely is that?). I give her $5 and myself $5 and sit down to waste some time. About 8 minutes later, an older filipino lady sits down next to me and within 5 minutes, I hear a gasp and the unmistakable sounds of winnings being totaled up. I glance over and of course, that lady hit the major jackpot (it was a progressive carousel we were at). $212 on friggin nickel slots.

Fishing and gambling: two sides of the same torturous coin.



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