Tuesday, January 03, 2006

An Aspect of Being a Female Asian I Don't Like

So to bring in the new year, Bratworse and I fired up the Sims 2 on both her computer and mine and created new characters to play (screw) with.

Well, I didn't like the direction mine were going in, so I made up new chars on a more populated neighborhood. As I was creating them with Bratworse's help, she asked, "Can I make the house too?"

My initial reaction (which is typical of any Asian females) is "Sure, why not?"

As she started to get into laying down the foundation for a huge-ass mansion, something inside of me spoke up. At first I didn't recognize it because we were taught from birth to never pay attention to those voices. But as it grew louder, I realized I was getting disgruntled, and it was coming out in passive aggressive ways towards Bratworse.

Finally I turned to her with a guilt-ridden face, "I'm sorry, you know how I said it was okay for you to build the house? Well, I didn't realize it, but it's really not okay, and I want to build it but now I'm feeling extremely guilty for even asking for it back."

Thank the stars that Bratworse recognizes this is a major part of me I'm working on. She replied with a "Don't worry about it, and stop feeling guilty!" She knows I have an extremely hard time saying no to people, and then on top of that, to voice what I actually want.

Under her breath, she muttered, "No wonder you were getting pissed off at me in the past about stupid shit like this."

I like having an understanding partner.



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