Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Charged Twice

Today, I hear of a case where a woman was bitten by a rodent. She calls up the advise nurse who tells her to go to "urgent care." However, when she was seen by the doctor, she was told that the rabies shot ISN'T kept there, there is none there, and she will have to go to emergency services, which she does, and gets her rabies shot there.

Fast forward to a month later when she receives a bill for the emergency treatment AND the urgent care visit. She's explained the situation to her carrier, but apparently the carrier has turned down her request to remove the charge for the urgent care visit even though she received NO TREATMENT there.

So, it seems that if you take the advice of an advise nurse, you can get dinged twice, even if the advise is WRONG!

Yet another episode in "Insurance Woes!"



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