Thursday, June 18, 2009

Afternoons and Coffeespoons

The sun is ablaze and the sky is that calming grayish blue, it looks peaceful and serene. A painted portrait of happiness. It's like a reflection of how I'm feeling. So far, today has been unfolding so perfectly that it's a pleasure to experience. What balance of chemicals and brain activity do I need to sustain to perpetuate days like this?

This morning I was still wrestling with sleep when I slinked out of bed. I struggled through my exercises, my muscles were arguing for an undeserved break. Even my joints where taking sides. When I began my cardio, I twisted my ankle, but I 'walked it off' and trudged on, to get through my entire exercise routiene. With how much resistance a good portion of myself was putting up, I can sit back now and congratulate myself on this little accomplishment. It's good to be motivated!

Panic was roused in me at the presentation of curiosity, and it built a roller coaster that I couldn't resist. Promising to be as thrilling, exciting and sickening as any truly fun roller coaster, it lived up and for a change I rode it well. Stepping off only a little shaky.

The little furry creatures that roam about, caused a huge mess to probably the only area in the house that hasn't been soiled. I just stared at it. The mess, not the cute furry creature that caused it. Hey... how did they know I was in the mood to clean?

I don't know what makes today different. Why I'm able to cope with these things and still keep up that the day has been beautifully perfect? Whatever balance I've found, I hope I don't tire too quickly and lose it.

Feeling in such a great space, I dove off the board and with little expectation I spoke with Thirty-two. It's the first time in a long time, that I haven't internally grown sick with myself after stepping into her life for a moment. It was good. Today is good. A lot of things need to be done, and I'm going to have to face another ten hour day tomorrow, but right now, I'm at peace with myself. I completed my exercise, overpowering the stubborn masses! I've got a good hold on the door of doubt, and am able to enjoy the day. Passion has emerged and I am happy with writing, but not just the writing...



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