Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Magician in Me

I was doing well today. Not bound to my own interpretation of that magic trick, "The Spinning Wheel of Death." The one where they've tied a volunteer to a wheel and spin it while the magician, blindfolded, encourages daggers to angrily soar through the air and exact their revenge or lesson upon the volunteer. Except in my "Spinning wheel of Death" I'm the volunteer, the dagger and the blind magician who's never done this trick.

I was maintaining a strong hold against the door of the magician. Who upon tuning in, was made aware of a surge in his fandom, and was currently thrashing against the door. It became something of the "Tell Tale Heart." The door, unintentionally tearing all of my muscles, almost as if the pounding upon it was the sound effect of my muscles exertions. 

Using my short little legs for support, I drew more strength and was able to keep the magician within, while life found the space around me, climbed on top of me increasing the pressure that had been fingering the breaking threads of my strength. It teasingly caressed my ear with its warm tongue, leaving a moist imprint of its alphabet, as it silently pleaded for me... to... 

let go.

It wasn't until the seduction became so overpowering, it was all I could smell, that my knees started to shake, the muscles within reduced to hanging threads, and I succumbed to my curiosity, letting the resistance subside, setting the magician free.

The force of the door opening lunged me off balance and on my back, drizzled in sweat, as if morning had just arrived and sprinkled me with dew and the sweet smell of blissful exertion. But there is no time for rest. With blazing wheels and gaudy fireworks, I'm mesmerized, hypnotized and forced to watch, as the show is revealed to me. 

I meld into it, becoming a puppet on a string, forcefully raising my hand to volunteer. Propelled by my puppet master, I am; all at once, dancing upon the stage.

The magician reveals my part in the trick, and before my puppet master or I can comprehend what was just shown, my senses are informing me that I've been captured with rope dyed red and am being affixed to the wheel.



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