Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wondering After All

What are Savants?

They're people who can do ingenious things. They're creativity knows no bounds. They are more then proficient in either art, music, mathematics, or memory. Tests have been run to compare the brain function of a Savant to an average person. The results showed that in the Savant the areas in our brain, that are associated with our creativity, were extremely active. In the average person's, the areas associated with creativity were only slightly active. The theory is that there is a switch in our brains that controls the thing that filters our creativity. Most people are born with this filter on. Savants, have the filter off and thus, are able to use or have access to their creativity or ingenious. 

Evolution theorizes that we survive based off of adaptation. Our ability to adapt is relative to our ability to survive.

If we believe in evolution, how might it explain Savants? Savants are clearly the most ingenious of us. If there are less and less Savants, then we are not evolving in that direction. In fact, we are evolving in the opposite direction. Why would we evolve away from Savant-hood? Are we just a simulation that was given this parameter to keep us in check? How does turning off or ingenuity aid in survival? Is it a result of becoming "civilized?" What does evolving toward stupidity say about what we're doing?

I can see evidence of how we're evolving away from it. We use drugs and technology to compensate for our deficiencies. Plus educated people don't procreate so readily. I really wonder what it means for us... 

What is Pangaea, really?

One large land mass, surrounded by a vast ocean, that through plate tectonics/ continental drift, was separated into the continents we know today.

The expanding sphere makes me curious. What if the Earth is more similar to this sphere? It started out small, covered completely in land mass. As the planet expands the land would be pulled apart, also creating the continents. If that is what is going on with this planet, the theories of relativity and force need to be reworked. If the Earth is expanding, is it all just a simulation?

I think I've heard something about an expanding universe, maybe it's the same concept?

Free Will, just a delusion 'cause we're a simulation?

I don't think we have free will to an extent. I mean, I'm not saying that there's such a thing as fate either. But honestly, I wouldn't act out of character for Bratworse, so does that mean I don't possess free will? Bratworse acts like this, thefore I'm going to act in this way.

Maybe it's connected to that transmitter theory? That we don't die, just the tuner that was tuned into our frequency ran dry. I was tuned into Maria Katsyannis in a former life and was 'forced' to act according to what Maria would do. Now I'm Bratworse, and still searching for my free will.



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