Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Dell, An Excercise in Frustration

Well, since no one at Dell will respond to me, I guess I have to resort to this. Dell's customer service SUCKS! Here is what happened. My boss ordered two computers from Dell. We wanted extra RAM in it, so it was sent to be built.

Apparently, that's where the problems started. When I went to go check the status, there was NO status after it had been invoiced. At least that's what the order status page on Dell's website said. So, I call Dell, seeing that it was PAST the due date.

First off the ONLY way to get a live person at Dell is to pretend you're buying a new system. I left messages for the person who sold my boss the two systems on Monday. It is now Wednesday and he still hasn't returned my call. His name is xxxx XXXXXXX at ext. xxxxx. So, if this guy changes jobs, and you're looking up his resume? stop by here. Cause this man doesn't return calls, at least he didn't return mine. So if you're willing to field angry calls from irate customers...

[Please note, the name has been removed to protect someone who apparently went to a sibling's funeral - as noted below, that sort of family emergency does tend to drive things like work out of one's head. But apparently, Dell doesn't back up people who go away on family emergencies]

So I pretend to be a salesperson. I get Cynthia, who is a nice person and genuinely tried to help out, and keep a sense of humor. I give high marks for her.

Cynthia works for Amy Haynes, at ext. 7367383. Amy, I never talked to. I left her two messages yesterday to find out the current status of the order since the website hasn't any new information even though it says it has current information. Hmm, she doesn't return calls either.

Cynthia says that Amy approved changing our shipping to next day air instead of ground, and that Amy also approved removing the freight charges. That is fantastic. HOWEVER! I emphasized to Cynthia over and over again, that it's not the cost, we just want the damn computers! We have a new hire that's moving from cubicle to cubicle cause we don't have a working computer for him. WE have an IT guy waiting in the wings on HOLD cause Dell can't get its head out of its ass to tell me when I can expect the shipment.

So again, if you want to hire Amy Haynes of Dell Computers, be careful. I think she lies or at least in this case, she appears to have told less than the truth (hey it works for the WH, why not Dell, one of their biggest $ supporters?)... why? Cause she told Cynthia to tell me that on ONE of their systems, they show that the computers were actually built, and were just waiting instructions on where to be shipped to.

So today, what response did I get back from Dell's oh so wonderful customer service email department?
Kindly note that your order # 580828343 is currently backordered and should ship on or before 10/10/05. Please note that the shipping date given for your order are estimates only and if possible we will ship it sooner than the estimated shipping date given for your order.

Dell Computers, YOU SUCK! Thank you oh so much for making our lives harder when it could take your customer service department an HOUR to ensure that we got our computers in a timely manner. But no, you have to be the corporate monkey don't you. No wonder Michael Dell votes Republican and gives to them. He obviously believes in incompetence as much as the administration does.

Addendum: It is now October 11th. Our Dell computers have finally arrived. Our salesperson, Mr. xxxx XXXXXXX has now left two messages with me yesterday and one today. One of my co-workers spoke to Mr. xxxx XXXXXXX yesterday and was assured that our computers would be shipped out yesterday. I could've told my co-worker and Mr. xxxx XXXXXXX that. After all, that IS what the automated response said, that it was due to ship out on or before October 10th.

Mr. xxxx XXXXXXX has also let me know that he was in the office only one day last week, due to a family emergency. I am sorry to hear about the emergency. It would've been nice if Mr. xxxx XXXXXXX has the capability to hand off his work to someone else, but apparently, Dell doesn't believe in backing people up, only backing computers up. I am still unsure as to why Mr. xxxx XXXXXXX couldn't have someone check his messages (which my boss does whenever he's away for a few days, as do I when I'm away for even an afternoon). Maybe the emergency drove all thoughts from his head. If so, I am truly sorry. The type of emergency that does that to a person is tragic indeed.

But that doesn't answer the question of why Mr. xxxx XXXXXXX didn't have back up.

Dell? Do you have the answer?


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