Monday, October 17, 2005

Outing CIA Agents

Hey, have you heard? Everyone outs CIA agents, that's why it wasn't a crime that the WH outed not just one, but hundreds of them.

I mean, there's no way we can top the WH - after all, who could out hundreds with just a whisper in the right place? "Brewster-Jennings"

Let me get this right. It's a big *gasp* no-no to out gays who actively seek to undermine other gays' rights (Mehlman or Drier, anyone?) Apparently, it's even a big *gasp* no-no to out outed gays (remember the big collective *gasp* over Mary Cheney?).

But outing CIA agents, for political payback no less, is apparently A-OK.

So make sure you out a CIA agent today. Cause EVERYONE's doing it.



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