Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Kurtz Blurtzes Again

Argh! Friggin Howie Kurtz does it again. Compares apples to oranges and then tries to tell you a lemon is an orange.

Today's column, Scandal Scorecard has a comparison between the investigation into Clinton and the Plamegate comparison. Two points I have problems with.
9) Most controversial character. Clinton: Linda Tripp. Bush: Judy Miller.

10) Vanity Fair spread. Monica posed while a prosecution witness; Valerie posed while a covert CIA operative.
I mean COME ON! Judy Miller as the most controversial character? I think that to you journalists, she was the most controversial character. To us normal Americans? It's FRIGGIN KARL ROVE! Sheesh. Like that doesn't create a controversy? To out a CIA agent in the middle of the war, by a political operative? Oh, yes, equate not revealing a source to revealing a CIA agent's identity. Make the lesser CRIME the controversy and downplay the significance of outing a CIA agent.

Let's see, a newspaper losing its reputation, or numerous agents on the run for their lives. Howie, when you pull your head out of the metaphorical journalistic ground you stuck it in, realize that ground isn't quite as hallowed as you might think it is.

SECONDLY, Valerie Plame did NOT pose for Vanity Fair while a COVERT CIA operative.

You see, Howie, when an agent gets outed, the word "covert" kinda loses its meaning. I mean, covert means secret and when Bob Novak publishes a column stating that she was a CIA agent, gee, you might possibly surmise that she's not covert any more.

But I guess that's really giving you too much credit.

Why the hell do I continue to read him? Oh yeah, to see what disinformation is being put out there for any gullibles to swallow.



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