Monday, June 05, 2006

The Best Day

Recently, as Bratworse's life continued to expand outwardly and mine shrunk inwardly, I'd been anxious about being left behind. For a couple of weeks, we'd made progress about alieviating my concerns by vowing "The other comes first."

But on Friday, with an impending lawsuit and feeling totally icky about having to do it, with my period being on the verge of happening, with just everything in my life, I lost it.

So we talked. On Friday night. On Saturday. And then on Sunday, I woke up to her looking at me with a grin.

I thought I recognized the look. I thought the look meant, "Someone asked me to go to [insert name of 6 hour long dungeon run here], I know I told you I'd spend all day with you, but they NEVER go on this run and I really want this one thing that drops ONLY in [said dungeon] and you don't mind do you?"

I was wrong.

Bratworse had thought long and hard about it on Saturday and had apparently come up with a plan to surprise me.

It started with coffee and toast in bed (though I did help a bit). We took naps together (well, she napped and I played fight night). We played games together in the living room, breathing in mold and mildew. And the whole thing worked. We were like these two the whole day.

So, thank you Bratworse. There are times when I really don't deserve you. (not often, but there ARE times)



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