Thursday, June 08, 2006

What Can $25 Million Buy?

So I'm over at Crooks and Liars clicking on videos and I came upon this interview with Michael Berg, the father of Nicholas Berg who was beheaded in Iraq, presumably by Zarqawi. The interview itself is FASCINATING. Michael Berg is a pacifist who understands the repercussions of revenge. (You would too if you grew up on Shaw Brothers kung-fu movies)

But I digress. What really caught my attention was, about a third of the interview in, Soledad mumbles something about Zarqawi's #2 or #3 who turned him in.

[Double-take time]

Excuse me?

All day, I've been hearing and reading about the $25 million dollar reward they're going to honor. There was a $25 million dollar reward for information leading up to Zarqawi's death and/or arrest, I believe.

So, we are going to hand $25 million to Zarqawi's #2 or #3 man. Who is part of Al Qaeda.

Read that again.

I'm just wondering who's being played for a sucker here. Is it the government, who is just going to hand over $25 million to the NOW #1 or #2 man of Al Qaeda in Iraq? Or is it us?

Now ask yourself, who benefits from unrest in the region. Which industry(ies) has been using the unrest in the area, to make massive profits?

Follow the money.



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