Thursday, June 29, 2006

Cars - The Movie and the Game

So yesterday we went to see Cars, the new Pixar movie. Admittedly, I walked in not expecting much since in my mind, nothing could ever ever top Finding Nemo. I was, however, expecting to enjoy it enough that we went and bought the video game before we even saw the movie.

On a scale of 1 to 8 (let's be weird in our standards, k?) I'd put this at a 5-6. It's likable, but predictable. The whole story is one seen in many stories - big city star has to crash (literally) in a small town, gets in trouble in small town, learns big life lessons and becomes a better person through experience. (One of my ex's produced a movie just like this - Doc Hollywood)

There were SEVERAL spots where both Bratworse and I laughed out loud, but I would say that they were mostly at throwaway lines/scenes.

Overall, it's a decent movie. I'm glad I paid matinee prices; I felt like this was a good deal for my money.

As for the video game (we got the PS2 version and the graphics was a little lacking if you're used the shine and sheen of Grand Turismo) - unless you have younger children, don't bother. The only thing I liked much about the game is that the story part of the game takes place AFTER the movie and builds on what happened in the movie. Too often, games based on movies just rehash what had happened within the movie and that's about the game equivalent of reading novelizations of movies. This was a welcome change.

Aside from that, the driving skills needed for the game is almost minimal; it's too easy to come in at 1st place on the earlier levels. I haven't explored enough of the game to know because frankly, after an hour and a half of playing, Bratworse and I both got bored.



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  1. Reel Fanatic said...
    3:46 AM

    I'm way behind and will finally get to see this one today .. i'm hoping beyong hope that I like it in spite of the very familiar storyline


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