Saturday, July 14, 2007

Strawberry Fields Forever

Went and saw my two little friends today. They both launched from the sofa the second I walked in and the youngest basically wanted to be in my arms most of the day, which I happily accommodated.

Their mom had decided we were going to be joining up with the eldest's best friend and her family, to go pick strawberries from a farm fairly nearby. It was a gorgeous day for this activity. The farm had lots of animals on it, which fascinated all four kids. I, unfortunately, was plagued the whole time by thoughts of the boy sticking his stubby fingers through the cage of the goats, and the goats thinking the fingers were sticks of carrots.

The youngest and I do have a little bit of a bond going. I hope it lasts for a very very long time. I am SO enjoying the time we spend together.



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  1. mayamayor said...
    2:35 AM

    hey cho!
    shout! out!


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