Saturday, April 07, 2007

And She Wonders Why...

So I'm watching Bratworse pack for her upcoming trip to see her family back in Florida and what do I spy?

Bratworse is packing a six-pack of water in her luggage.

Sniggers start emanating from my closed mouth. Bratworse cocks an eyebrow backed with an accusatory squint. To hear the protests start, I mutter, "And you wonder why they think you've become elitist."

A gasp is the retort I get. "But.... they don't buy water there! If I don't bring the water, I have to drink tap!"

"Exactly! And you wonder..."

"But TAP! I can't get this water out there!"

"Then don't wonder anymore why they think you've become 'cultured' and 'elitist'."

"It's freakin' water!"

I suppress the urge to point out so is tap water. I have too much fun picking on Bratworse sometimes.



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