Monday, April 30, 2007

Fictional Heroes

It's early still but I've been keeping an eye out on Democratic candidates for the '08 elections and so far, I've been watching Bill Richardson for possibilities. But this past weekend, it seems that Richardson's been saying stuff that leaves people like me wondering if this is for real.

More and more, it seems like Richardson, while having a great resume, won't be a standard-bearer for more leftist leaning voters like me. That's too bad because I really wanted someone in the White House who had diplomacy background since I think the next four years will require someone there who has some insight into world tensions. So now, I'll have to cast my eye towards the big three: Clinton, Obama and Edwards. And of these, I have to say I think Clinton's the one that can handle World Events. I just hope she can win.

Oh, the title of this post? I was just wishing that Josiah Bartlett was running.



1 Response to "Fictional Heroes"
  1. Anonymous said...
    9:49 PM

    yea yea i want clinton to win to .. i want bill back .. she said .. she would have him there to help her and make him embassador to all nations.
    okay okay i dont like the fact she stood by her man .. thought she was wimpy .. if she could stand by him and say .." hey , that is your problem not myne" that would have impressed me more. I am here cause oh yea I happen to be the wife ..that you dicked around on .. hey wonder how many men mrs. clinton has had .. i bet they agreed to that type of relationship .. yes i want bill back in office .. why cant he run for vice president ? Is there a law that says he cant? come on i know you know everything .. smile its me again ..sugarmeesweett i cant sleep tonite.


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