Monday, April 16, 2007

Weather Permitting


What a hard week it's been, huh? I don't think it fully set it that you won't bring me soup, coloring book and new crayons, even though I have a ghastly cold right now. You won't be there to grab my arm and comment that I am wearing your clothes, even though they were way too small for an adult, they HAD to be mine! Yea, I'll wear your clothes grandma, but you're reading my books!

Remember how crazy we were? Our trips to Disney Land, Bush Gardens?

"Grandma, drive fast through the puddles so I can see the rain dance!"

Me hanging out at your office,
"Grandma, I'm so bored... what can I do?"
"Why don't you count to 1,000?" ... 1...2...
"Grandma, what comes after 100? 200? 500?"

Some how we managed to drive from Florida to North Carolina, or was it the other direction? It was the first time I got to drive through rain puddles for you. I can't tell you how happy it made me when you asked me to. Of course you'd follow that with, "I want a milkshake," and it was freezing rain outside!

I think I was in denial all of last week. And, now... now! with my final (test) on wednesday, and my final (project) due on Friday (April 7th), I find you sitting in front of me, knocking on my brain, "hey... hey... give me a minute, cause this is going to be hard and I know it." Of course it didn't help matters any when I decided to center my final project in memory of you. I've titled my short animation "Weather Permitting," in tribute to your wonderful life and... well... you know.

Even though I would be away for so long, every time I returned you remembered who I am. I will never forget the love and happiness you shared and gave to me, and still give to me, even though I'm currently crying 'cause of you.

I have to admit though, I hope you don't keep up your end of the bargain. I am not sure I'd be able to keep it together if I can't find my shoes one day. Ever since I heard of your passing, I find myself looking over, just to make sure they're are still there.


Weather Permitting:

In Memory of

Lefteria "Tillie" Kneffler
March 14, 1929 to
March 28, 2007



1 Response to "Weather Permitting"
  1. Anonymous said...
    9:57 PM

    i love you bratworse .. greatest thing about mom was she was always was there. I would be so like nervous like i cant do this she used to say yes you can. I made alot of decisions based on her " yes you can"


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