Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Redistributing of Wealth

I had dinner with a friend just before the elections. I never saw my friend as a Republican or conservative, but I saw her husband as fairly conservative and Republican.

Somehow, the subject of Obama came up and my friend just repeating to me, "Is it true that he said that he wants to 'redistribute the wealth'?"

I just kept blinking at her stupidly all the while thinking, 'First off, the wealthy he is talking about would NEVER influence you because none of my peers would ever be in that group of super-rich, not even my good friends who live in Atherton. Secondly, there are TONS of other problems other than wealth/taxes.'

None of these thoughts crossed my lips, because my brain just could not comprehend that my friend was getting angry over the POSSIBILITY (hardly probable in this case but she couldn't see that) that her taxes might get influenced.

For me, considering that the super-rich has gotten super-duper rich over the past 30-40 years and minimum wage earners have gotten GRUDGING raises... it's only fair that the winds should blow in the other direction for a while.

But my friend has little knowledge of how government works - all she heard is 'Redistributing of wealth' and that Obama's threatening to take away her money.

I wonder how she and her husband feels today.



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