Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Interesting Exchange

The following is a transcript in an AIM exchange between a friend who is white, lives in NC and has a hippie mom and a very very republican Dad - about the Inauguration

Me(10:48:38 AM): I can barely focus today... woke up happy and didn't know why since I had to work. Then remembered!

Friend (10:48:39 AM): I am getting my permit to carry a concealed weapon and we are making survival kits

Me(10:48:48 AM): You serious?

Friend (10:49:00 AM): Flash lights, Ammo, Canned foods, water, Skittles

Friend (10:49:04 AM): all the necessities

Me (10:49:07 AM): lol yeah

Me (10:49:15 AM): well, I feel like I can unpack mine

Friend (10:49:24 AM): hahahahaha well hand it over!

Me (10:49:27 AM): rofl

Obama's magic is starting - I'm able to laugh with a semi-conservative about survival.



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