Friday, January 30, 2009

Setting Down Limits

Last week, we helped out Lady Embalmer with babysitting chores as she took in six neighborhood kids. Since Art Teach's two were included in the mix, and we had already established a bit of relationship with the other four kids, we just thought four other adult hands would make the day just a tad better.

We watched with amusement when the kids, ranging in age between 2 and 5, asked permission to go upstairs. Lady Embalmer rattles off a litany of don'ts - "No kicking, no biting, no taking each other's toys, no hitting, no pinching..."

It appears adults are no better, are they? All those lessons about "Hey, don't take more than your share," or "Don't rob," apparently just doesn't take with some adults, as evidenced by these chief executives of companies who ask the U.S. taxpayers to bail them out.

Here, Senator Claire McCaskill is putting forth a sensible bill. If you are going to ask the U.S. taxpayer to bail you out, at least have the decency to not make more than the POTUS (President of the United States). But since they've pretty much shown themselves to be an indecent lot, Sen. McCaskill is putting this decency into law.

AFTER you pay back the money, you can do whatever the hell you want. Pay yourself 18 quadrillion dollars if you need to, but if you ask for bailout money again...



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