Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Time Wastin'

So, I've been reading Andrew Sullivan's site (shhhh don't tell people I'm actually reading a conservative albeit gay albeit who voted for Obama) and he leads me to this site today. It's call Pretty Loaded and well, it's a seamless panoply of loading animations.

You know, the animations that happen when your program/video file/website is loading?

My first thought before entering the site: "How good can this be?" Other thoughts of endless circles of death persisted.

And then the first animation happened and I thought, "Cool!" and before I even knew it was over the second one started, then the third one...

Five minutes of my life. Gone. Poof. Just like that.




1 Response to "Time Wastin'"
  1. Bratworse said...
    1:54 PM

    You know... there's a lot of thought put into those things. They don't just automatically pop-up with little to no effort at all. It -does- take a lot of creativity and programming prowess to make those things entertaining!

    Thanks for giving the "loading' animators a few moments of your time!


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