Thursday, December 14, 2006

2006 - What a Year

I don't usually do end of the year perspectives, simply because usually the years aren't that memorable.

However, I must say that 2006 really stand out.

This was the year that we stabilized our relationship and it went from a bumpy and sometimes tumultous relationship to one that we both rejoice, almost every second (except when our periods are within a week of one another. Then it's usually a week and a half of turbulence). Bratworse and I really learned to listen and hear each other, but not just that. We strove to give each other what the other wanted, even though most times they're unspoken desires. I think the big turning point in our relationship this year was when we decided to actively make the other person's desires our own priority. From that point on, our delight in each other just took off and hasn't landed since.

This was the year we decided to get an exotic pet - the octopus. Ossie wasn't just a pet, she was an event, especially when she gave birth to 50+ babies.

This was the year we got flooded and we were taught that not everyone operates on the same wavelength as us - that there are some out there who will shirk responsibilities . Repeatedly, this year has taught us that in America, those without voices get lawyers; otherwise, no one hears you.

This was also the year that options for Nobody finally panned out and we were able to visit the fruits of our (Writerboy, Charlie Adlard and mine) labor from 10 years ago. May it continue to bear fruit.

This was also the year that I personally found out the pain of losing one beloved cat and the joys of having a cat that has no or few neuroses. Hmm, no wonder my cats have been hated by most of my friends. Gizi, may you bring us as much joy as you have this past month and a half. And thanks for learning how to fetch. You made Bratworse and consequently me, a very proud momma.



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