Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christianity, Christmas and Deportation

Growing up, one of my favorite hymns was "They'll know We are Christians by Our Love." I never understood missionary work simply because I believed in this song. If being a Christian was right, then our lives would simply show it and people would know that it's the right lifestyle. Yet time and time again, the church would rather lecture and bully people into being Christians, rather by example.

America is supposed to be a Christian nation, or so says those who tell me being gay will send me straight to hell. Then how does America, a Christian nation, justify this? That link is to a story about a nun and a priest who tried to locate a NURSING MOTHER who got caught up in this DHS sweep of illegal immigrants.

First off, the DHS claims that it's not a sweep of illegal immigrants; instead, they're calling it a sweep for identity theft. Hmm, is that why brown-skinned people were roped off? Ah, nah, it's like rounding up a bunch of bank-users to find out who was planning on robbing the bank. See, that's our tax dollars at work. Effective, no?

Hey DHS, if you're so intent on finding identity theivers, why don't you try and find out who broke into UCLA ADMISSIONS database and swiped all those social security numbers?

Boy, just a week and a half before the global celebration of Christ's birthday and we do something like this. My, how very Christian of us. We really know how to show we're a Christian nation.



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