Sunday, December 10, 2006

Oooh Oooh Oooh Pick Me!

I feel like Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter, here goes: "PICK ME! PICK ME PLEASE."

I'm writing about OhGizmo's Holiday give-away and one of the ways they're choosing a winner is from blog entries, so here comes our entry.

You want to know what the really weird thing is?

Out of all the products they're giving away, I think the ONLY thing I really want is the ID Messenger Bag but as a gift for Bratworse (she loves messenger bags).

The Nexus Laser which is a green laser, I want as a gift for Writerboy since he told me yesterday that he is using green as a signature color at his job - he writes all of his notes in green, so Bratworse found him really nice green pens.

The BioHazard watch was another gift I wanted for Writerboy but if I do score this giveaway, I'm thinking of keeping the watch for myself, impractical and HUGE though it'd be on my wrist.

The Neuros I'd probably give to Bryan the Fireman and his wife and two kids - so they can have Dora the Explorer on every one of their mobile devices as possible distractions for fidgety kids.

The Abacus watch would probably go to my best friend, DanceTeach from L.A., with the Ice Jacket going to his boyfriend/husband Picasso Mike.

The HP printing mailbox - hmm... Probably my sister who's too busy teaching and raising two kids to have time to read my emails to the kids. This way, she could print out my emails to my niece and nephew and they could read the mail themselves. Hmm I really should write them soon.

And the IncipioBud? I'd give that to my good friend CommieFisherBowler. She has a shuffle already so I'll keep that lol.

Wow, did I really blog about a giveaway so I could be the recipient, only to give away most of the products? Yup, I sure did. I love giving.



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