Sunday, December 10, 2006

I Want This Book

I just read about this from Boing Boing and it simply sounds amazing. What a great book to have around, just to remind us women are beautiful in all sizes and shapes.

This man, Frank Cordelle, took nude photos of all types of women - women who are obese, rape survivors, bulimic, anorexic, scarred, missing limbs, etc. I just hopped over to his website and found myself in tears over the words of healing on that site.

In this day and age where models keel over with a heart attack from weighing 88 pounds, I think it's really important that people understand that beauty comes packaged in all sorts of wrapping paper. There are times when both Bratworse and I look at ourselves in the mirror after a shower, just tut-tutting away. And what could we possibly be tut-tutting? We are both attractive women with hardly any scars to show so why should we have this outlook on our bodies?

And you want to know something about Bratworse and me? Neither of us need makeup to look good. I personally believe that make-up begets more makeup. But because neither Bratworse nor I got in the habit of wearing makeup, we don't need it to enhance our looks. We just need to laugh for enhancement.

Get this book. Then improve your outlook on yourself. It's Christmas. You deserve it.



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