Monday, December 04, 2006

We're Shooting a Pilot!

Thanks Lar!
"Hey, what are you doing this weekend?" Larry Young would nudge me and ask.

Most times, cause it's Lar and we like to bug each other, I'd answer "Just hanging out."

But the way cool and more wondiferous (yes, it's a made up word. Deal.) answer that Larry wanted was the one I could scarcely believe even while it was happening. This surreal and astonishing answer was...

"We're shooting a pilot!"

Larry Young and Mimi Rosenheim are the publishers of AIT PlanetLar, the wonderful people who decided Nobody was worth being their first book besides their own to publish. Oni Press had decided to pass on collecting the four issue mini-series into a trade paperback because honestly, Nobody didn't fit in with their other books. Without AIT PlanetLar, Nobody would've languished; instead, it got a second life as a graphic novel with a foreward by Greg Rucka, a beautiful new cover by Brian Wood and a short story written by Writerboy (Alex Amado) and edited by yours truly, Sharon Cho.

Writerboy reminded me that Charlie Adlard, our artist also added a new page for this collection because the pacing was off in one part and needed one extra page to make the pacing just so. No, Writerboy and I aren't perfectionists when it comes to story-crafting. Nah. Actually, now thinking back, (this was 10 years or so and... well, many brain-cell killing moments ago) it might've been Larry who felt the pacing was off and asked us all to add a new page.

Part of our deal with AIT Publishing was that they would negotiate any options on our behalf. None of us creators had any problems with the deal because it was an extremely fair deal AND we absolutely trusted Mimi would work in the best interest of us all. And boy oh boy, are we glad we handed the reins over to them.

We're shooting a Pilot!"

This past weekend, we were treated oh so wonderfully by the folks over at Blueprint Entertainment and KickStart Entertainment. Jason Netter, one of the executive producers, took time out to take us around, introduce us to everybody and made sure our trip was truly wonderful. Jason's da man.

We got to meet such wonderful and nice people on the cast and crew and though I'm sure we got in the way a lot, everyone made us feel as welcome as could be. We couldn't thank people enough for the hospitality shown to us. The energy and general feeling of camraderie on the set was truly awesome. Everyone was upbeat and not stressed about anything.

The first day was just incredible (I'm quick running out of words here to describe just how wonderful this trip was). As we entered the set, our sense of wonder grew. And it continued throughout the day. If I can, I'll post some picts of the cast, crew and sets later if possible but for now, less said is better I think.

I must say though, we all were just agog at the set design wizardry and elegance performed by Ricardo Spinacé. I know for me, I'd have move in there immediately if it were real.

Getting to watch Jeff Woolnough, the director and Jan Kiesser, the director of photography, work together was like watching two minds work as one. The framing of each take was incredible and both created a nice mellow, but serious atmosphere that permeated the set. Many of the crew said part of the reason for the sense of harmony and upbeat tone on the set is due to those two.

Speaking of upbeatness, I must say that EVERY time I saw Kevin Murphy, the man with the vision, the man who optioned Nobody in the first place, the demi-god of writing (I'm sorry Kevin. Aaron Sorkin is god.), ALWAYS had a smile on his face. It was just incredible. At one point, we were asking Kevin about the hecticness of his life right now, he said, "Boo Hoo, I'm shooting a pilot," and then cracked up. Now that's a man with perspective.

Oh, and the reason he is a demi-god? You should see the mythology that he and Jon Cooksey came up with. Those two managed to give ABC Family what they wanted and yet keep the spirit that Writerboy and I tried to infuse into our comic book. *applause* AND they have a long-term plan for the series if the pilot gets picked up. I am mucho impressed by these two.

One thing? I am NOT an effusive person naturally. It really does take a "something" to catch my eye and there's more than a spark of it in what these guys are doing with Nobody. Writerboy, Charlie and I may have given birth to this, but these guys are true parents - nurturing a concept to a maturity and level that both Writerboy and I are wondering why we didn't take that route.

We also met Noreen Halpern, Ali Matheson and Rose Lam - executive producers and producers of Nobody who all were so nice and wonderful to all six of us - Writerboy's wife and Bratworse went along too and thoroughly had a blast on the set too. I think half of whom we met are Canadians and I wonder if that also contributed to the general niceness.

Last but not least, the cast. We got to meet Dawn Stern, Byron Mann, Nicole Alexander "Marcus" (I don't have your last name, sorry but hey, maybe this way you'll be so identified with Marcus you'll get your spin-off.) and "Owen" (don't have your last name either but I'll get it soon).

We were very impressed by the cast as well. We got to see some of the dailies and it's amazing what all of them had to go through on the outdoors sequence. Mind you, it was shot during the big snow storm and the shots came out simply breathtaking. I commend all of the actors for being in such good moods even after being in a near blizzard.

Okay, that's it for now. I'll post pictures if I can and will divulge more if I can.

[Update] Much gratitude to Anonymous commenter aka Larry Young in the comments below for providing the names for "Marcus" and "Owen" - Ryan Belleville and Steve Boyle respectively.



4 Responses to "We're Shooting a Pilot!"
  1. Anonymous said...
    11:26 PM

    This whole thing stinks of magic.

  2. Anonymous said...
    11:29 PM

    Marcus: Ryan Belleville
    Owen: Steve Boyle
    Best Boy: Alex Amado
    Worst Boy: Adolph Hitler*

    *It's an AIRPLANE joke. Speaking of airplane jokes, wouldn't it be cool if Jackie Chan had his own airline?

    hee hee

  3. resigned idealist said...
    11:37 PM

    Yeah yeah, Lar. Bratworse had fun teasing me on the way home today about that too. "How long did it take you to get that Jet Li joke?"

    Thanks for the names!

    And if Alex Amado is Best Boy, does that make you Key Grip?

  4. Anonymous said...
    8:17 AM

    I love watching extras die.


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