Monday, June 18, 2007

Almost There

Oooooh, it's so close now I can taste it. The windows (double-paned) have been put in and the sliding glass door. This weekend was fantastic in the living room. Bratworse skipped the 2nd half of her class and came home on Friday night. I cooked a couple of hamburgers for us and enjoyed our new living room. It was nice and cozy.

Saturday morning, Bratworse cleaned out the bedroom and rearranged some stuff so that the bedroom looks fantastic now. My honey!

The cats are happy, everything is great. AND I managed to thwart Bratworse's attempt to purchase a shark for our tank. (My thwarting may only be a procrastination maneuver at best; I've a feeling within the next three weeks we'll have a shark in the house).

Oh, and Fluke perished last night. Bratworse says that because we were able to catch Fluke by accident proved that Fluke was probably weak and destined for a short lifespan anyway. She's probably right.

Towards the end of this week, we'll have the kitchen and bedroom windows put in and construction on our unit will finally be done! YaY!

The living room is starting to look really nice.



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