Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Digby Revealed & OMG! He's a She!

On behalf of political bloggers on the left, Digby accepted an award from the Take Back America conference yesterday. Who is Digby you ask?

Digby has the blog Hullabaloo and although I have Talking Points Memo as my home page, Digby is easily my favorite writer/blogger because she has a way of putting complex thoughts and issues succinctly and in such a no-hold-barred, straight-forward way that's just breathtaking. Only reason why TPM is my home page is because on any given day, about 15-20 new articles appear on TPM whereas Digby tends to have about 5-8 posts in one day, half of which are written by others.

Do yourself a favor and go listen to her acceptance speech. Perhaps then, you'll understand why most bloggers tend to quote her words at length, or why she was chosen out of all those thousands of bloggers, or why when quoting her, most bloggers use the term "inimitable."

I've guessed for a while that Digby was a woman, because of clues (well outright claims). The first time I read that Digby was a woman I did a double-take. Since then, I had hints from various bloggers and was fairly certain Digby was female. It just made me want to read her more.

Anyway, Digby, just wanted to say thank you and it's wonderful to see your face finally.



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